Online Teaching for Winds, Strings and Recorders


Teachers who want to teach through the site can create accounts for their students. The accounts will be connected to the teachers account. Student will have access to interactive scores, playbacks, games and competitions on the site.

Payment for these accounts can be made by the Teachers, Schools or by the Parents.

  • If you prefer, the accounts will be purchased by the parents. You will receive an entry code that will transfer the parents to pay 2$ (USD). The student account will open after the payment completed and will be valid until September 2020. The student name will appear in your account.
  • In case you would like the payment to be made by you or by the school, you will receive a list of personal codes that you will distribute to your students for immediate use. Any student entering the code will be forwarded to their information entry. You will find a the list of students In your account in Student Data.

Please fill up the next form and we will get back to you with your student's accounts