Privacy Policy

BandPad provides an interactive music learning environment for teachers and students in classroom or at home for practice through website service and mobile applications.

Who Am I?

BandPad website - and the BandPad applications for Android and iOS (BandPad Services) are all the property of Mr. Amit Gur. Amit can be reached at Email: Adrress: Zirelson St. 14 Tel-Aviv, Israel Zip Code: 62302.

What information do the BandPad service collect?

In order to keep user privacy, BandPad services are not collecting any private information about unregistered users. The website collect this statistic information of the site visitors:

  • The country from which the user is accessing the service.
  • The number of views per tune BandPad serves.

What does BandPad use your information for?

BandPad services are using the information collected for statistics only.

Third party services in BandPad

BandPad does not use any third party service in any part of the service flow including "Google Analytics" or any other anytics service. All website services are provided by the BandPad server only.

Registering for a teacher account

Registering as a teacher is permitted to adults(18 yo and over) only. Additionaly teacher aproval is obligated by supplying teacher information and verification of that information by BandPad administration.

What information does a teacher account store?

  • Full name
  • Email (require email approval)
  • Any information that will be suppliedy by the user and to authenticate him/her as a teacher

Additionaly we collect the assignments lists teachers creating by choosing tunes from the Jukbox list. All collected information is kept in BandPad servers without ever sharing it with any other third party.

Accessing BandPad with a teacher key

Student can access BandPad using their a teacher key. While using BandPad with a tecaher key students can get access to a larger number of tunes as defined by the teacher's assignment list. BandPad does not collect any information about the student while using a teacher key exept keeping the teacher key as a browser cookie in the students computer.

Registering a student account

Registering as a student will enable access to all BandPad tunes and services. registration require adult accompaniment including payment process through the PayPal website.

What information does a student account store?

  • Parent full name
  • Parent email (requires email approval)

Students can test their playing proficiency playing to their computers microphone in BandPad trophy test. Students account will collect a list of tunes played in the trophy test which scored more than 90% of the notes correctly.